Bold and Beautiful

Prestige Watches Guide, July-August 2015

Page 10

© Prestige / Photographer: Pavlos Nikolaou

Earrings, Tufenkjian

From top to bottom: brown ring and amethyst, Anthony Bonja, blue ring and snake ring, Tufenkjian, signet ring, Anthony Bonja.

Page 3 Three necklaces with pendants: Anthony Bonja. On the right: Top ring, Voyageur; Signet ring, Anthony Bonja;

Page 1

© Prestige / Photographer: Pavlos Nikolaou

Earrings, rings

and bracelets.

Sami Hamawi Group.

Cuff, Anthony Bonja, bracelet Voyageur.

On the left: Top ring Voyageur

Signet ring, Anthony Bonja.


Page 2 Left earring and right earring, Voyageur – Butterfly brooch, Tufenkjian , Left: Top ring Azar Gems, the three rings down, Mouawad jewelry,  Right: Cocktail ring, Himo – Flower ring and last ring, Mouawad Jewelry, bracelet Mouawad Jewelry, cuff Tufenkjian

Page 4

© Prestige / Photographer: Pavlos Nikolaou

Earrings, Anthony Bonja.

Pendant, Piaget

On the left: Bracelet Tufenkjian

Top ring, Piaget

Cocktail ring, Voyageur

On the right: ring, Voyageur

Bracelet, Tufenkjian


Page 6 Earrings, pendants, rings and Daisy brooch, Himo. Blue flower brooch, Mouawad Jewelry.

Page 5

© Prestige / Photographer: Pavlos Nikolaou

Earrings Azar Gems. Necklace, Anthony Bonja.

On the left: 3 sapphire bracelets, Yvan Tufenkjian.

Bracelet in rose gold, Piaget, Ring in rose gold, Piaget.

Diamond ring, YvanTufenkjian

On the right: Top ring, Azar Gems

Sapphire ring, YvanTufenkjian, emerald ring, Himo.


Page 8 Head jewels: Yeprem From top to bottom: diamond ring, Yvan Tufenkjian.

Page 7

© Prestige / Photographer: Pavlos Nikolaou

Earrings, necklace and ring

Azar Gems                                                                                  

precious glove, Yeprem.


Page 9

© Prestige / Photographer: Pavlos Nikolaou

Turquoise necklace,

bracelets in colored leather,

Anthony Bonja.


Artistic director and image consultant: Elias Chedrawi.

Photographer: Pavlos Nikolaou

Hairdresser & Make-up: Michel and Colette.

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