Prestige Watches Guide July-August 2015

A tomboy personality and sure of herself, apart … With her turned-up nose, her doll complexion, her thick eyebrows, her green eyes and mischievous bird silhouette slender, Cara Jocelyn Delevingne, the British actress, model and ambassador for the watch brand Tag Heuer, is a frank, confident in herself, direct and fan of social networks. Her life is an adventure she adores. In this interview, she shares her impressions on her life, on time and Tag Heuer, with her spontaneous and courageous way.


The lion tattooed on Cara’s finger, is a symbol of courage and originality. It is also her astrological sign.  © Tag Heuer

«The watch allows me to stay aware of the time»

Cara, what do you need to spend a perfect day? I do not think perfection really exists. I do not believe in perfectionism. I’m a perfectionist, but I …

Or rather to spend a very good day … A good day? I rather think about the perfect moments. I think it depends on the people around us. I believe that, whatever we do, we must do what we love, what makes us happy. As long as it does not hurt anyone.

What makes you happy? I like to play music, write, see friends that I never see and catch up on time.

How would you describe Tag Heuer? What are its main characteristics? Tag Heuer is a brand known for daring to think outside the box, to think of new ways for the brand, to do things differently. I think great people work for them, and it shows: everything they do hide excellent quality. I love being part of this great team.

What is the time of high pressure that you remember the most? There are many. It’s funny, because it’s thanks to the pressure that we obtain diamonds. We need pressure. I need it. I always have to work under pressure, because I work better that way. Some people crack, others don’t. I use it as stress and fear. I think it is what allows us to do what we do and that drives us to go further. I try to think back to a particular time. For me, I think music is surely one of the biggest sources of pressure just because I find it terrifying, and that’s what gives me so much desire to play. Playing live, putting your soul bare in front of the people. I am used to play, but I am not used to be really, fully myself, so it’s difficult.

Can you tell us about your first watch? When I was little I did not like to wear accessories in general,  but I wrote the time on my wrist and as soon as I thought, I would write a new time. In a way, I was making a watch for myself. It’s fun, because now I have the feeling that time is a big constraint. But, obviously, we need to know the hour most of the time. What’s funny is that I invented the hour. When you travel a lot, we suffer from jet lag, I am always hungry, always tired, I’m hyper-sensitive, because I do not have time. The watch is the only thing that allows me to stay aware of the time, if you see what I mean. So I never really wore a watch before getting big.

You are in Monaco for the Grand Prix …How do you feel while driving? I love driving, but I do not have my license! I drive and I love cars since I was very little, but since I don’t go to school anymore, I never had time to prepare for the license. I love being behind the controls, and go fast. As I do not have the license, it is a bit of a nightmare for me, so I do not drive really.

What do you like about men’s watches? Their size. I’m not a fan of cute watches; I prefer big. For me, watches are a reflection of the people who wear them. In any case, women’s watches are too small for me.

What’s your favorite watch from Tag Heuer? The one you are wearing today, or …? Obviously I will be very objective, because it is necessarily mine. I mean, that’s pretty much everything I’ve always wanted on a watch. It even has a lion on the back. Yes, I think my favorite is the Cara.

Montre Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Carrera Cara Delevingne watch, treated steel titanium carbide set with 72 white diamonds, padded calf strap. © Tag Heuer

«The watches reflect people who wear them.»

Can you talk about the lion tattooed on your finger? The one we see in the pub with the tiger? This is the first tattoo I got to do. I feel that the lion is my totem animal, although I do not know exactly what that means. That is also my astrological sign. When I was little, and even now, I have the impression not to be afraid of anything and that I can rush headlong everywhere. The lion has always been that for me: To be brave and defend my ideas. So I decided to wear it on the finger to be original.

You are very active on social networks, and well attended. Would you be a model for your «followers»? You mean a good model? Of course I’m a model, since they follow me. A good model, I hope. I hope to be a mentor, teenagers are my main target. Being yourself and having confidence in yourself. Whatever people might think, one must listen to his heart and be courageous. So yes, I hope.

You like music, and you write. What is your favorite song? It all depends on my mood, what I want to feel, if I listen alone or with other people. I do not prefer a particular track. I love music too much to choose one track. If someone has a favorite song, I find it much too flat. I feel that it could change in the space of an hour. I cannot say who is my favorite band. I love all kinds of music, there is good and bad in everything.

And what makes you dance? Music! Whatever the genre, as long as there are percussion and rhythm, I dance.


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