Prestige Watches Guide, July-August 2015

Time is in her hands. She is one of the masters of the Lebanese watches market. Prestige met her to evaluate the market and to understand the culture related to watchmaking. Maria Nadim asked Simone Tamer. Here’s what she said


Simone Tamer, member of the Board, Tamer Frères

The Lebanese market was always a reference to the other markets in the region

How do you assess the Lebanese watch market? How did it evolve over the years? The Lebanese watch market is mature in terms of costumer knowledge, product choice, brand perception of the clients, mechanism, movements and decoration knowledge, purchase behavior of our clients…we see a clear co existence of mono brand and multi-brand boutiques whether in luxurious street locations or malls. The Lebanese market was always a reference to the other markets in the region, forward thinking and pioneer that could reflect future trends and estimate future client behavior in the whole region.

How does the current political situation affect the market? The political situation in the region is clearly affecting the economy of the whole area. Lebanon is touched in many segments and definitely retail is one of them. Nevertheless, the local spending behavior in our country and the lifestyle of Lebanese consumers are main key factors that keep a certain stagnation in the market of luxury items.

What does the Lebanese look for the most in a watch? The Lebanese customer is a connoisseur well aware of the aspects of the movement he is buying but also very much interested in the brand itself, its manufacture, its production process, handcrafted or not, complications and the use of the watch. Also what is very important is the service during the sale and the after sale service, this is why the consumer looks for a «Maison» who represents the brand, in which he can trust and refer to.

Tamer Frères has added to its portfolio the modern and audacious Hublot. How would you compare it to your other brands? Each brand has its own personality, own image and is perceived in a different manner. Mr. Jean Claude Biver always said that Hublot is first, different and unique. We work with brands that are the best in each of their categories.

Your go-to watch for the day? My red Swatch Sistem 51 mechanical watch.

Your go-to watch for the night? Audemars Piguet Skeleton Millenary.

Feminine watches, with or without complications? Complications are for ladies too.

If you have to choose one complication, which would it be? Why? Dual time, but what is more important than a complication for me would be the skeleton esthetic of a watch where you can see, not only the movement, but also the finest handcrafted decorations on each piece of the movement.

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