The Eternal Short

Prestige issue 264-265, July-August 2015

Chic and Comfortable

At the beach, at the office or in the evening, the short is the leading piece of the summer and especially the ally of our holiday. Discover the trends of summer 2015 and follow our tips to wear well your summer shorts.


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The short is indisputably the catwalk star for the spring-summer 2015 season. In the city or on the beach, in sporty-chic version, casual or minimalist, the creators show us that we can have a classy and casual look without falling into the vulgar provided you have beautiful legs.

In the city or at the beach, or in the office and evening, short is a must of the summer 2015. Although assorted and well accessorized, it may prove to be the best ally. Large or adjusted, short shorts or length just above the knee, this key piece of the season fits all situations. In 2015, it comes in 4 trends: very retro high waist shorts, the timeless denim shorts, the romantic white shorts and short in the skirt style.

How to wear shorts this summer?

It’s inevitable: as soon as we reach the sunny season, the outfits become lighter. Among the essential pieces of the summer: the shorts. It must be said that these few centimeters of fabric inspire relaxation and casualness concerning our spring looks. We wear it since our young age, yet, years later, impossible to do without it. One must be able to find the«good» shorts for the right occasion.Namely, a model neither too short nor too tight.

To go to the office, one must prefer classic cut shorts, worn with a pretty blouse or shirt and comfortable shoes. For work, white shorts can also be suitable, provided to choose a stricter cut. For a boyish look, we can opt for moccasins; for a more feminine look, pumps or sandals will marry perfectly with our white shorts.

Some rules belonging to the fashion code must be observed. First, we avoid shoes with high heels, unless our shorts are with a minimum size (ie, not with a mini shorts). We must make the distinction between the short destroy to adopt and shorts too torn to avoid. Let’s discover the 4 ways to wear shorts for the summer 2015 season.

The tall version short

The high waist shorts is perfect for a chic outfit, for the city and spring for the most slender fashionistas. We wear it with a fuzzy top, a nude blazer or a light cardigan and sandals perched high.

The skirt version short

Deeply inspired by skirts, this short retains the vintage look of the 70s. We love its tall cut and we break its girly label with blows of casual pieces. It is visualized with sandals, a bohemian white blouse which is slipped inside, accompanied by a small denim jacket. Don’t hesitate to add a neglected touch with a tousled bun.

The white shorts

We inject a white dose in our summer outfits and especially with shorts. Ideal to attend a festival or to frisk on the beach, we choose white shorts woven with original materials such as lace. Classy, do not hesitate to wear it with a pair of sophisticated lace-ups sandals.

More romantic, we choose white shorts that we wear with a blouse or sleeveless top. And why not wear a crown of flowers in the hair and open sandals to play  fully the spirit of the 70s? A perfect look to go to the beach or to attend a festival!


© Archives Raschad Arabi. © Hermès

The denim shorts (destroy)

For the more cautious who want to avoid fashion faux pas, we opt for the timeless denim shorts, which can be associated with almost everything. We can either cut one of our old jeans, or opt for a slightly high waist piece. As for colors, we prefer safe cuts like faded blue, white, bleached denim or raw canvas. The denim shorts remains a timeless piece of your closet. Those fond of the jeans shorts will therefore continue to wear by providing it with an update. So this season, we will prefer a destroy  version to marry with a sailor top and white taps.

Where is it from?

The denim shorts dates back to the 50’s. While the blue jean is a hit among the rebel people, the denim shorts shortens and becomes the sexy piece of pin up like Marilyn Monroe. In the 70’s it follows the hippie trend and replaces the elephant leg when temperatures rise. In the 80s and 90s it gains a rebellious side and all the teenagers of the time cut their jeans. Today denim shorts do not belong to any tribe and simply becomes a basic in fashion that displays both the casual holidayside, office easy chic, or Woodstock spirit in the music festivals!



Printed beach towel 100% cotton. © Hermès                                          Beach bag 100% cotton. © Hermès

Missteps to avoid

If you are not at the beach or during the weekend, avoid wearing shorts in jeans with flip-flops and other Havianas. Prefer open sandals in natural leather if you wish to remain flat. Also avoid to wear it with high heels to avoid being «The Bimbo». Sexy, go for a real denim canvas and a boyfriend cut, and avoid the spandex material, not at all flattering to the silhouette. Finally, if you prefer a longer model as the bermuda, play it chic with minimalist pieces and heeled sandals.

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