Nada Debs: An innovating marquetry


Portrait of Nada Debs. © Nada Debs

Inlaid furniture is part of the traditional crafts in the Middle East, can we say that your work continues this tradition, but gives it another dimension by introducing modern patterns? Yes, not only introducing modern patterns, but trying to innovate the traditional craft technique itself.

What is the furniture piece that made the fame of Nada Debs? I guess it was more the concept of combining traditional techniques in a minimalist form. Mainly the Classic collection which included the Classic Console and the Floating Tables was a new take in Middle Eastern furniture.

Your furniture pieces are very distinctive, which makes them difficult to be imitated, do you think you created a niche for yourself on the market? Yes I believe I have created a new Arab identity in furniture design.

Bedside table minichest. Photo: Nada Debs
Vintage_Complements_Vintage Tripod_M.D.0083_ND36_H15
Vintage Tripod. Photo: Nada Debs











You have points of sales abroad, what is your turnover from exports? About 80 % export.

What are your plans for the future? I’D like to expand globally as a luxury furniture and home accessories brand from Lebanon and the Middle East. Interview Conducted by Rita Saadé


Game Backgammon. © Nada Debs

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