Lavish Reopening of the Sursock Museum

1130 OCT

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Despite the international media focusing only on a protest in Beirut, the Sursock Museum reopened its doors after achieving works of renovation and expansion. The inauguration under the patronage of the Prime minister was attended by a number of personalities.

The museum hosts in its various halls, three different exhibitions until January 11th, 2016.

  • Collection display

A selection of paintings part of the permanent collection of the Sursock Museum, which takes place in the last two floors of the museum, which traces the modern Lebanese art from the late XIXth century until the 2000s. It is also a chronicle of the history of exhibitions hosted by the museum since its opening in 1961.

  • Glance at Beirut-160 years of images-from 1800 to 1960

An exhibition that traces the evolution of Beirut from an Ottoman provincial town, to the capital of a nation state. This exhibition takes place in the special exhibitions hall, through 200 pieces of art from private collections.

  • The City in the City

An exhibition which takes place in the twin galleries through photos, videos, maps. This group exhibition presents recent works by artists, designers and researchers exploring the contemporary Beirut.

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