Lynne Webber

Prestige issue 268, November 2015

At the head of Marina Rinaldi since 2012, after an experience in various fields, Lynne Webber works to consolidate in the international fashion market, a prestigious brand of women’s clothing, which seeks to innovate while remaining rooted in the group’s heritage.

Marina Rinaldi

Lynne Webber, Managing Director at Marina Rinaldi. © Marina Rinaldi

«Patricia Arquette is the ambassador of women»

You are Managing Director at Marina Rinaldi. Tell us about your career with this luxury brand … I started at Marina Rinaldi in January 2012. During these three years I have seen the brand evolve and consolidate on the most prestigious international markets. We launched new lines such as the collection Red Carpet, we opened new stores, as the London flagship store in the heart of Mayfair, we initiated a new strategy of global communication, summarized by the slogan of the advertising campaign «Women Are Back». I like the idea that all these projects, these activities, the results already achieved, are only the beginning of a very long journey.

Why did you choose Patricia Arquette to be the star of the Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Marina Rinaldi campaign? Marina Rinaldi is for all women. Patricia Arquette, before being brand ambassador, is an ambassador for women, she represents the values and defends the rights of women. She was able to accept the changes in her body, even when turning the movie «Boyhood», and above all, to love herself, overcoming stereotypes of feminine beauty imposed by the media.

Tell us in detail of the campaign «Interior-Day» The concept of the campaign is a natural evolution of «story telling» that characterized the Marina Rinaldi communication from the Fall-Winter 2013 season. To tell with dynamism and energy this new chapter in our history, we thought about the master of «story telling», the American photographer Bruce Weber. Bruce, with the power of his black and white portraits and his cinematic vision of photography, composed the ideal scenes to tell the story of all women through Patricia.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette photographed by Bruce Weber for the new Marina Rinaldi campaign. © Marina Rinaldi

What are the characteristics of the signature Marina Rinaldi? Marina Rinaldi is sophisticated and cool, it is synonymous of excellence, know-how, Made In Italy, tradition and innovation simultaneously.

The woman Marina Rinaldi as described by Lynne Webber … A dynamic woman, curious, self confident, for her identity means personality.

Why, in your opinion, the Middle Eastern woman opts for Marina Rinaldi? Because she shares the same values ​​as Marina Rinaldi, because she loves and researches quality, she is not afraid to dare, even when it comes to choose and mix colors, prints, embroideries, because we share the same joy of living! Interview by MARCELLE NADIM


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