Christina à l'atelier

Christina at the workshop. © Christina Debs

Your creations are distinguished from other jewelers creations in the Lebanese market. What is your inspiration? The inspiration for my collections comes from studies on how women adorned themselves since the beginning of the millennium. Because of my background, I’m inspired by the history of the Phoenician civilization.

For example, the history of the Phoenician princess Europe, daughter of Agenor –king of Tyre and Telephassa whose image is on the euro. In mythology, Zeus fell in love with her and decided to change into a white bull to seduce her. Europe is kidnapped by him on Sidon beach and taken to Crete. From their union were born Minos, Rhadamanthus and Sarpedon.

To offer a piece of jewelry is often an act of love but always an act of seduction. Obviously I am also influenced by everything around me, nature, art, design …

Originality distinguishes your collections, characterized by subtle lines full of refinement and poetry, is this related to your jewelry studies in Paris? I made different schools in Paris: My studies at the School of the Rue du Louvre and the Ecole Boulle to acquire the technical side of designing my jewelry; AFEDAP my training, to acquire a more contemporary vision of the jewel. This  technical side combined with the development of creativity have allowed me to have some freedom in creating my collections.

Secret Garden Collection

Secret Garden Collection. © Christina Debs

You like working with stones in bright colors, which take us back to our childhood candies, how have you managed to combine strong colors with minimalist forms? I like to work with bright colors while maintaining simplicity in my creations and so to keep the elegance and refinement of each piece.

Hard Candy CollectionInitials Collection

Hard Candy Collection. © Christina Debs                      Initials Collection. © Christina Debs

You are present through points of sale in France and the USA, what is the turnover you make from exports? For almost two years I focused my energy on international development. I exhibited in international fairs; during the fashion week in Paris; in Las Vegas; Bahrain; and Basel, where I was the first Lebanese to be accepted in Hall 1 among the great houses of Jewelry and Watchmaking.

Currently much of my business is done abroad. I have several points of sale worldwide, Europe (England, Monaco, Germany, Switzerland), USA (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Asia (Hong Kong) and Middle East (Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia).

Wonderland Collection

Wonderland Collection. © Christina Debs

You make a model in different sizes, is it to reach a wide range of customers by executing jewelry at affordable prices? As I have a shop in Beirut and my strategy is to be present in various international department stores such as Selfridges, where I am present since October 1st, I need to satisfy more customers. Therefore, when I create a collection, I always try to offer a wide range of products in each of my collections, for discrete women or for exuberant ones, for conventional women or edgy but with delicacy and refinement . Interview Conducted by Rita Saadé

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