The New Panerai Book

1 فاديا ابو جوده + كريستيان حداد + MILVIN Georges + لما كرم +elias Mrad غابي بتاريان

Fadia Abou Jaoudeh, Christian Haddad, Milvin George, Lama Karam, Elias Mrad, Gaby Bitarian. © Officine Panerai

A fascinating account of italian watchmaking Excellence

During a festive dinner at La Centrale in Downtown, Panerai presented the new book «Orologeria». The history, technique and design of the Panerai watch: five essays about the identity of an italian brand which has appealed to watchmaking enthusiasts throughout the world.

Published in Italy on July 2nd, the new book PANERAI tells the story of the past and present of the Florentine high quality sports watchmaking brand Officine Panerai, which in just a few years has transformed what was a niche product for collectors into a global brand which is among the most sought after by enthusiasts.

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