Event by AUBMC

17 مالك و رولا كعكي + منير دويدي + سوسن وزان

Malek and Roula Kaaki, Mounir Douaidy and Sawsan Wazzan. © Prestige

The medical center for multiple sclerosis, AUBMC, sponsored by Nehmé and Thérèse Tohmé and managed by Dr Samia Khoury, invited to the VOX Cinemas at City Centre, to the preview of Ziad Rahbani movie, «Halla2 la bokra chou». More than 1500 benevolent and generous people were present at this supportive event and were able to watch on the occasion a nice movie.

7 غاده مكارم + سلمى طباره + رولا دويدي
Ghada Makarem, Salma Tabbara and Roula Douaidy. Photo: Prestige
9 طوني فرنسيس + شنتال خوري + مارون مطر + فيكي نصار
Tony Francis, Chantal Khoury, Maroun Matar, Vicky Nassar. Photo: Prestige









14 رانيا سماك + ماغي منصور + ريم حداده + لما ميرزا
Rania Sammak, Maguy Mansour, Reem Hdédé and Lama Mirza. Photo: Prestige
20 زينه و عمار حوري
Zeina and Ammar Houry. Photo: Prestige

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