Randa Tabbah: Jewelry is my Passion


Randa Tabbah. © Randa Tabbah

You come from a family that founded a jewelry house for over a hundred years ago, did you choose this field in order to ensure continuity? It is true that I grew up in the middle of jewelers and I naturally developed a sensitivity and a particular interest in jewelry and the beautiful things in general. After having studied the fine arts, I decided to pursue studies of jewelry in Paris where I lived. I discovered a passion. There is something magical in the whole process of creating a jewel, when at the beginning we have an idea, when we make a sketch, until it takes shape. All the creative process is a real pleasure! So to answer your question, I would say I chose this field only by passion, and things have evolved spontaneously…

Your collections are diversified, your sets are classical and the collections (lines) or Nature are modern, do you seek to reach a diverse clientele? I create a particular theme, that I Iaunch at the end of the year. I like to challenge myself, diversify my collections; it’s a challenge for me.

The line that I call «Nature» is the one that distinguished me at my beginnings. It is organic and free from technical constraints. It has a rough appearance, with appropriate imperfections.  Exactly at the opposite of the New York collection, that is geometric, architectural and follows stricter rules. I also have other collections (Jingle or Serpentine) that are freer in the movement, less rigid, with clean lines, and more organic but with a different finish and also different technique of work.

For the sets, which are luxury pieces, it’s a different story. I tried to keep that creative freedom, bypassing the constraints for such important pieces, in order to give them still more original and modern look. It is true that certain sets are sometimes classical but there are also some very modern sets. I work very intuitively. Sometimes I get inspiration from colored stones or diamonds that I choose carefully and sometimes it’s just a form, a detail, a certain finishing that differentiates my jewelry adornments from the so-called «classic».

Nature collection

Ring from the collection Nature. © Randa Tabbah

What kind of jewelry is of an interest for the Lebanese Woman? Jewelry set with stones or simple, minimalist lines? After having long preferred the traditional jewelry, family inheritance loaded with precious stones, the Lebanese woman currently turns towards simple jewelry, minimalist, that better accompany her daily activity. She likes very fine pieces, easy to wear for everyday but that distinguish her as much as the «statement pieces», bigger in volume, which confirm her difference. The jewel is ultimately a reflection of the personality of each one.

De fil en aiguille 2

Necklace from the collection de Fil en Aiguille. © Randa Tabbah

How did you get the idea to create an original line you called Somewhere in Beirut. Was it successful? Each one of us remembers a place that marked him. Everyone has a story to tell, a school where he spent the best years of his childhood, an unforgettable encounter with a loved one … This is a collection that I developed with my daughter Sibylle who studied interior design. We simply allowed to capture a space, a personal circuit testifying of a nice story…

The collection has been very successful because it is personal and that ultimately, only the one who wears it knows its history! People are very sensitive to gifts that tell their story…

Somewhere in beirut collection

Bracelet from the collection Somewhere in Beirut. © Randa Tabbah

In addition to your women’s jewelry, you’ve created a collection for men. What is the relation of Lebanese men with jewelry? The new generation and I would say the Lebanese man in particular follows the fashion very closely and finds in the jewel the additional touch essential to his look. He seeks the personal jewel that confirms his style and reflects his personality…Interview Conducted by Rita Saadé

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