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When did you create your brand C-rocks? Was it from a personal need to have a hands-free bag? I started the brand in September 2015, since I have a passion for fashion, shoes and bags. I was thinking about a new concept, not spread on the Lebanese market and I had the idea of a fashionable banana, an innovative idea in Lebanon. We can find bananas in Sports brands like Adidas or Nike or with brands like Chanel, very expensive. I thought about a medium range line that could be affordable. It’s very practical for mothers, for women who want to go out in night – clubs hands-free, for traveling. I can say also due to a personal need that contributed to the idea.

Does this concept that combines aesthetics with functionality please to Lebanese women? It pleases a lot, the feedback was very good, when I launched the brand the success was immediate, especially that some items combine belt and cross, you can remove the belt and wear it cross. This item had a lot of success and sold very well.



FOZY 200
Fozy. Copyright: C-rocks
OTUS 240
Otus. Copyright: C-rocks














Do you have a store in Lebanon? No, I sell via website and you can find my bags in concept stores in Lebanon and recently in Dubai, I am not planning on short term to open a store because it costs a lot and the actual situation is not very encouraging.

Your bags are manufactured in Lebanon, do you have your own workshop or you give your designs to manufacturing workshops? I give my designs to very professional Lebanese workshops with an experience of over 20 years, but I am the one behind the design idea and the one who brings the materials from leather, fabrics to accessories. I think about everything from A to Z and the workshop executes my designs.



Kludd. Copyright: C-rocks
HOOT 240-2
Hoot. Copyright: C-rocks














Have you started to export your models of bags? As I said previously, my bags can be found in a concept store in Dubai. I am working on an agreement to have my items available in Egypt and I am going to exhibit in Amman. I am hopeful because all this was done in less than six months time. Interview Conducted by Rita Saadé


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