Dr Carlos Guillermo el Adem

Prestige issue 271, February 2016

«Château Fakra emphasizes on quality rather than productivity»

Awarded over eighty medals for the excellence of its wines, Château Fakra draws its reputation from characteristic terroirs, international expertise and ultra-modern production facilities, among other factors that blend harmoniously to give this esteemed wine its typical characteristics. Dr Carlos el Adem, president of Château Fakra, unveils to Prestige the secrets of the fame of this wine proudly bearing the label «Made in Lebanon».


Dr Carlos Guillermo el Adem. © Archives Château Fakra

What are the elements that contribute to the development of Fakra? The soil, climate, expertise, ethics, new ultra-modern facilities including stainless steel fermentation tanks, used today by world leading wine producers and sophisticated winemaking equipment. Also noble grape varieties, a meticulous follow-up, vinification under the direction of expert oenologists and subsequent aging in oak barrels from France and America.All of which blend harmoniously to give Château Fakra its particularity and make it a praised wine.

How can the fame of a wine depend on grape varieties? Château Fakra continues to expand its domains with a selection of noble grape varieties including Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Viognier, Muscat, Sauvignon-Blanc…

vignoble (3)

Château Fakra Vineyards. © Archives Château Fakra

What do you mean by Collection Privée and Pinacle of Fakra? Collection Privée is a vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah exclusively, aged in new French and American oak barrels for twelve months. Each vintage never exceeds ten thousand bottles, which are all numbered. It is an opulent wine to serve with game and cheese. Pinacle is the highest point of a Castle which implies a superior wine. It is a red wine made from Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah and Cinsault. This ideal blend has notes of ripe red fruits, spices and vanilla. This is an excellent wine highly appreciated with grilled meats and cheese.

Do you export Fakra wine, and where? Château Fakra exports more than 60% of its wines to various countries, among them Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Australia and Japan.

The ideal cellar, in your opinion? A good cellar is a must. Wine is a living product. The ideal cellar should exclude these four elements: heat, light, vibrations and odors as well as sudden changes in temperature that could damage wine. The ideal storage is around 13ºC, the temperature of a natural cellar. We never think enough on how to protect wine from light which still runs other risks such as odors that can easily cross the corks.

9-oak barrels 2

Oak Barrels. © Archives Château Fakra

What is your assessment of the Lebanese wine in general, and Fakra in particular? The survival of this vital sector of the Lebanese national economy depends on the expansion of export markets internationally. Lebanon is a small country. Its strength is in maintaining its typical characteristics and superior quality, hence the need for strict regulation of production and control that are beginning to be managed by the National Institute of Vine and Wine (INVV) of which I am the president. The participation of Fakra and other wineries in international exhibitions and wine tastings, contributes to spread Lebanese wines and improve their reputation. Fakra has earned a special status and is successfully developing export markets.

What is the recipe for success and continuity of Fakra? Limited production according to the highest international standards, typical soils, expert winemakers and constant openness to innovations. Château Fakra will soon inaugurate a boutique hotel with a wine bar, a wine therapy SPA, a school of wine, tasting rooms and a new ultra-modern winery, all of which will create an extraordinary façade for our products. The reputation of Fakra wines on the Lebanese and international markets make of Château Fakra a remarkable winemaker.


© Archives Château Fakra

In which local and international trade shows do you participate? Château Fakra participates annually in local and international exhibitions including Vinifest, some other regional fairs in Lebanon, London Wine & Spirit Fair, Vinexpo, Vinisud, Vinisud ASIA, International Wine Challenge, Wine Master Challenge, Austria Wine Challenge, etc…

You have received many awards… We already won eighty golden, silver and bronze medals, as well as quality seals in international competitions held in Brussels, Estoril, Montreal, Paris, Vienna, Verona, London etc…

Fakra wine in three words… Château Fakra ,«Wine of the Gods».


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