The Beige of Chanel

Prestige issue 271, February 2016

Beautiful Natural complexion


Gisele Bündchen. © Chanel

Faithful to the Line Les Beiges, transforming the natural look in a full style, Teint Belle Mine Naturelle, the liquid Chanel foundation, concentrates the genius of optical science and properties of a plant resistant to all situations, and preserves the beauty of the skin. How can we recognize a good look by Chanel? To this golden glow and subtly rosy on the cheeks? Or to that impression of flawless complexion? Chanel Laboratories studied the specifics of the beautiful natural look. From this analysis was born the Healthy Glow Booster, a unique titanium dioxide. To this particular mineral pigment, were added carefully selected powders, to unify and beautify the complexion in transparency. Fluid, it follows the contours of the face, stretches on the fingertips effortlessly and leaves on the surface a complexion naturally embellished: unified and transparent, subtly matte, with this unique light, perfect replica of outdoors freshness.

Teint Belle mine

Teint Belle Mine Naturelle, a range of fourteen colors. © Chanel


Sublimage The cream by Chanel

anti-aging care product crowned with 10 years of success


© Chanel

Combining excellence and innovation, perfection and emotion, the iconic global anti-aging care of Chanel, Sublimage Cream is rich of 10 years of expertise and research. Fruits, flowers, Ephémères Planifolia, the new generation of Sublimage Cream combines all the benefits of Vanilia Planifolia for enhanced action on all signs of aging. The skin intensely hydrated and protected, is full of vitality and stronger, gaining in firmness and tone, density and strength. The oval of the face is reshaped, and wrinkles and fine lines fade. Resplendent, it is smooth and even, in a word sublime. Sublimage La Crème Texture Fine is light and fresh; Sublimage Cream is rich and melting; Sublimage La Crème Texture Suprême is soft and caressing.


© Chanel

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