Pregnant and fashionable

Prestige issue 272, March 2016

Fashion by Raschad Arabi

Pregnant, your body changes and your wardrobe should follow … Take the chance to make smart shopping: many purchases of fashionable clothes for pregnant women can be optimized! Choose your tops, your pants, skirts and dresses, accessories that fit you well to show that you can be pregnant and in top fashion.

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The dress, the hit of the season

This is the essential piece for moms who want to be feminine without compromising on comfort. Our favorite: the mesh dress associated with a pair of leggings and flat boots. And if you are fan of a more sophisticated look, opt for a jersey dress more chic than wool and also extensible, with a belt and ankle boots with not very high heels.

Leggings that could fit with everything

Ultra-convenient for wearing a sweater dress as a tunic, unashamedly and without taking cold, leggings also put your legs in value. Choose the cotton for comfort and in addition, they do not ladder!

The poncho is chic

Far from its colorful ancestor, the poncho combines style and sobriety … Advantage: it ideally suits the morphology of the pregnant woman. So, with jeans and boots, you’ll be on top!

The boots rather cavalier

Out ballerinas, this winter! Do not despair, you will be equally comfortable and get hotter with boots. Note that if you opt for a pair prefer riders, the trendiest, and have the merit of having little heels. Therefore ideal for not to be too tired…

robe salopette en denim rouge - femme enceinte
Dress in red overalls denim. Copyright: Archives Raschad Arabi
gilet et pantalon en velour cotelé -femme enceinte
Vest and corduroy pants. Copyright: Archives Raschad Arabi










The belt, the accessory of the moment

Classic, the belt can be worn on and under the coat. Use this accessory to highlight your lovely baby bump. Placed under your belly, on a little dress or a flared top, it will structure your silhouette.

The top, neckline please

Pregnancy is a blessed period for the chest. So, enjoy it and put it in value with small tops plunging neckline. Choose a bra without underwire. What to wear: top form empire with big necklace, belt and jeans.

Jeans, slim or XXL

Exit pregnancy jeans that look like nothing. Specialized brands in clothing for pregnant women offer jeans with trendy cuts. XXL, slim, boot-cut … Up to you to choose what suits you best…


le jean slim en stretch pour femme enceinte











Skinny stretch jeans. © Archives Raschad Arabi




Tops for pregnant woman

Pregnant, which top to choose that could put you in value? Shapes, materials … our fashion advice for mothers who want to stay in fashion!


The three quarter sleeves make fluid silhouette, more than American armholes or short sleeves that will tend to «rove» arms. A fitted and notched jacket gives a feminine look, while a straight and long jacket squeezes. It’s time to borrow the clothes of your man! The white poplin shirt will fit and the suit jacket.

The materials

Dress in lightweight and flexible with natural fibers: cotton, silk, linen. If you are often too hot, layer of fine clothes that you can add or remove according to the temperature. Avoid synthetic clothes, they prevent the skin from breathing and you may not be comfortable. Adopt easily washable materials because more your belly swells, the more you risk getting dirty.


pull en maille - femme enceinte











knit sweater. © Archives Raschad Arabi




Which stocking for pregnancy?

Skirt or pants? high or low waist? Rather large or near the body? … How to choose your socks and keep great look!


The gauchos tend to cut the leg and squeeze you. Prefer long fluid pants with elastic waist, worn under a tunic. Know that the dresses and pants with big folds and creases do not benefit at all. However, the right clothes, close-fitting (but not tight) make you look longer. Skirt or trousers, avoid low cuts. Models with belt marking the waist, blur more the belly. Petticoats very fashionable this spring and summer drown the silhouette. The long split skirt will do much more effect! If you like the sporty look, add to your outfit a touch of femininity as jogging rarely puts you in value.

Pregnant, our fashion advice!

Highlight your legs and arms if they remain thin. Wear bright or pastel colors on top and dark colors down. So you squeeze the curves and turn away the attention from the places where you have gained weight.

Our tips for choosing a pregnancy jeans

The pregnancy jeans are often the first piece we buy. And then they don’t leave us until delivery…

Choosing the right size of jeans

This may seem obvious, but you must take your usual size even if you are pregnant. The models are designed to suit your new body, however, if your weight gain is reasonable.

Building on slim

If there is a time when we can wear the skinny jeans, it is during pregnancy. Your pretty bulging belly balances your figure and when looking in the mirror, you even feel your legs are fine. Enjoy, this optical effect lasts only nine months. Why even the slim? For a stretch, it is soft and comfortable, can be worn with ballet flats, with heels to lengthen the silhouette. You can associate it to an empire tunic or a large top. The important thing is the balance of volume between the top and bottom. Already fan of the slim? Try the jegging, a mix between the legging and skinny jeans.

Daring colors

The trend for winter looks colorful. Plum, burgundy, petroleum blue or green, make a comeback in the wardrobes. If for a long time, pregnancy clothes were not exactly fun, now brands dare flashy and trendy colors. To brighten up your outfits, opt for a red or green jeans as long as the top remains more sober.


future-maman cool - femme enceinte
Cool future mom. © Archives Raschad Arabi
CARRE VINTAGE 100% SOIE 70 CM « PEGASE POP » - 342 USD – 516.000 LBP
Hermes. Square vintage 100% silk 70 cm «Pegase Pop». © Hermès








The good band

Pregnancy band is the essential fashion accessory for mothers who are proud of their belly! Here are the models not to miss. Pregnancy jeans are fitted with elastic bands that cover the belly. Unquestionably the large band in spandex mesh ensures maximum comfort throughout pregnancy. There are other low-rise jeans models with much thinner strip that sits right below the belly. Perfect if you want to get a top in your jeans, for example, or if you are in early pregnancy, but feel that the great band is not yet necessary. More discreet, low waist jeans without band with yoke on the sides can navigate a belt. For you to choose what best fits for you. The important thing is that you feel at ease. Note that all these models are designed to accompany you from 1 to 9 months. Here are the models not to miss. • Band with silicone ends that will not slip. • Extensible and soft band: the material adapts to the growth of the belly and can be worn during the 9 months. • Anti-wave band: it naturalizes electromagnetic waves and removes the background radiation. You and your baby will therefore be protected from telephone waves, wifi waves, bluetooth waves, waves generated by electrical appliances. • Rhinestone band: for an evening or an important holiday, that kind of glitter band will highlight your pregnancy in a very chic and glamorous way. We do not forget the band with retro-node, printed bands, lace bands…


les bandeaux de grossesse


Pregnancy bands. © Archives Raschad Arabi


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