Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary



© Andersen Genève


Since 1980 Svend Andersen has been manufacturing complicated watches and «pieces uniques» for watch collectors.

In 2015 the 5th edition of World Time watch – the «Tempus Terrae»- will commemorate the first World Time wrist watch with two crowns developed by Louis Cottier in the 50’s; one of the most beautiful world time watch ever created.

The Tempus Terrae is proposed in a limited edition of 25 pieces, The Tempus Terrae carries Andersen Genève’s DNA adorned by watch collectors, the centre of the dial is made of exclusive «Blue Gold» that Andersen Genève has been mastering for decades.

It is a 21ct gold with iron elements in it. Once heated the gold gets an exclusive blue color that reflects light in a very special way. Brushed «A» shaped Andersen hands are also part of Andersen Genève’s DNA.

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