The Hellenic National Day celebrated in dance and music

Samir Mokbel slider

Greek ambassador Theodore M. Passas, Joyce and minister Samir Mokbel with their daughter and two dancers from the show.


On the occasion of the Greek national day, the Greek Ambassador to Lebanon, Theodore M. Passas, offered a wonderful show at the convention center in Dbayeh preceded by a very friendly wine reception. A wide array of personalities from the diplomatic, political and social world applauded the group of folk dances the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, who performed the 3 times round dances in a euphoric atmosphere. Pure happiness for the assistance transported into the catchy and magical world of Greek music.



10 كندا cancopy
HE Theodore M. Passas, HE Michele Cameron.
Habis copy
Consul Joseph Habis, HE Theodore M. Passas, consul Youssef Kanaan and Kamal Badaro.











The folk dance group on stage.



Jean Fahed 330
The magistrate Jean Fahed. HE Theodore M. Passas, minister Raymond Areiji.
Russie 20
HE Theodore M. Passas, HE Alexander Zasypkin and his wife.













HE Marta Pizzanelli and Zafer Chaoui.
HE Theodore M. Passas with HE Mohamed Badreddine and Suzanne Zayed.










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