Luxury Experience…Barefoot

Prestige issue 276-277, July-August 2016

Report and photos: Delphine Gebran Markarian




© Archives Delphine and Guy Markarian

A large reception adorned with gold and signs of wealth where we are pushed by suitcases arriving, and others leaving. Vacationers going in all directions in search of their guide, backpack and camera in hand … A woman cries from far struck to have missed her taxi, on the other side another woman with heels, hat and tight dress clinging to her husband’s arms, heads to the restaurant for breakfast. Stress reigns in these 200m2. Ladies and gentlemen, we will take you away from the scene «bling experience» where the sophistication of simplicity reigns. Prestige joined Guy and Delphine Markarian on the private paradisiacal islands of Song Saa in Cambodia and Fundu Lagoon in Zanzibar. Unforgettable, a journey with feet in water.




© Archives Delphine and Guy Markarian

Our destination is far from city centers, but rather in the heart of the seas and oceans. Just landed, a driver is waiting to take you to the port where you will take a third and final means of transport during your stay. Your luxurious yacht vogues on the water, you are asked to remove your shoes already, you can store them until you return to port. Believe me, you will not need them! Your stay begins with a sea trip of one hour where you will enjoy scattered small islands inhabited by Nature. The boat slows down, we approach slowly. Far from the great concrete and steel towers, we find ten chameleon villas hidden under a mass of greenery. Welcome to your new home. Just got off the yacht we already feel the soft sand between our toes, swept away by the waves caressing our feet. The whole team, dressed in white linen like a white swan out of the water, waiting for us on the dock. We already feel the warm hospitality with people’s smiles! We are guided to our villa, a luxurious interior with clean lines completely built with the resources of nature, such as wicker, wood, sisal … An ecological architecture with large glass facades that open fully to the outside to accommodate the nature that surrounds us in our interior.



















© Archives Delphine and Guy Markarian

Wonders and perfect Synchronization with nature.


We will have the choice to shower outside in freedom, only curious ones, inhabitants of nature, will come to spy us behind the trees or sleep in our bare inside and admire the large palettes of colors that are available to us throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. A perfect synchronization with nature. Every morning we experience a sweet awakening, indulged by the waves, hundreds of species of animals and birds come to wish us good morning. Our days start all free, no stress, no planning and no cards in hand. Here you will not get lost in the alleys to reach the largest mall in concrete, but you will do it on purpose to discover what the island hides in the heart of nature. Several activities are available to us, such as yoga, fishing, windsurfing, scuba diving, board puddle … and many other water activities that will make you discover an extraordinary underwater archipelago.



© Archives Delphine and Guy Markarian


It’s hard to believe we’re about twenty guests on the island. We have the feeling of owning the island for us only through exceptional service, a team available throughout the day to serve us with the utmost care and surprise us every day with romantic set ups only for both of us, in different natural settings. We are fortunate to have breakfast in the forest, lunch on the sand, take a drink on the floating bar and dinner feet in the water well away from other guests. A stay of this standard is never complete without a great chef to prepare everything we dream of eating at any time of the day. A presentation worth of the largest restaurant in big cities, but no need to eat in tie and heels, you will go barefoot and with casual clothes: the luxury of informal!




© Archives Delphine and Guy Markarian

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