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Prestige issue 275, June 2016

Fashion by Raschad Arabi



Between sensuality and simplicity,

Make your choice!

You certainly have lived this situation: you find a lovely swimsuit in the window of a boutique, but once in the cabin, a drama occurs. You look pale and without a reason. In reality, it is essential to adapt the color of your swimsuit according to your complexion. What colors should be avoided according to my skin color whether tinted or tanned? What is a color test?



bronzage été 2016

© Archives Raschad Arabi


What is a color test?


Colorimetry, behind a clever name means «the study of color science». The colorimetric test, practiced in all good image consulting agencies, allows to define which colors fit on us. Did you know? Some colors can erase your signs of fatigue, smooth your features and others, in contrast, highlight your imperfections. It is therefore essential to define those that fit you. Colorimetry is very important to make a good choice of swimwear, knowing that 70% of our skin is exposed to sunlight. To consider what degree of tanning skin tolerates after using the minimum protection.

How do we do? Using strips of fabric that are placed close to the face, hair tied up to avoid distorting the results. Today one can use special programs on the pads where the skin is tanned virtually to choose the appropriate color of the swimsuit.




Colorimetry. © Archives Raschad Arabi


What is the difference

between warm and cold colors?


The difference lies in the degree of yellow or blue contained in the color. If the color tends more to yellow than blue, it is a warm color. And vice versa. For example, red might be systematically associated with a warm color can also be a cold color. As a burgundy that contains a blue touch for example.

For this, one should take into account three elements. These allow you to define what are the colors that best suit your face, the color of your hair and your eyes.


What swimsuit colors are suitable for clear skin?


If you have white skin, it will be best to opt for a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini whose color contrast with your complexion. Very pale skin will be highlighted by a black, brown or red swimsuit. The color of the model should provide contrast without bringing out the pallor of your complexion. So beware of flashy colors that accentuate this. Also avoid swimsuits with bright orange color, yellow or beige that would give a tone effect. If you have a fair complexion, we advise you the freshness of pastel colors that will give you good looks by enhancing the color of your skin.

To you soft pastels: blue, pink, purple or yellow for a summer full of colors. As for women with white skin, dark colors, black, blue or brown will also be their allies for a radiant complexion.




Slashkini- 2- 2016impression ethinque -maillot de bain- été 2016


Slashkini: Photo: Archives Raschad Arabi



Choosing the right color of the swimsuit when you have a matte skin

Matte skins have more choice in the colors of swimsuits. They may be tempted by all models in bright, flashy colors. If you have this type of complexion, yellow, green, blue, red are your colors … the choice is endless. You can also opt for light-colored or gold swimsuits that will highlight your tan. And why not a golden model? Conversely, avoid dark colors that would not highlight your beautiful skin color.


The swimsuit colors recommended for dark skins

Women with darker skin can choose many colors for their swimwear, like the women with dark complexion. The bright and light colors will particularly highlight their skin color. We also recommend the white swimsuits that provide an elegant contrast with your skin tone.



maillot en fonction de votre teint de bronzage- été 2016

© Archives Raschad Arabi


Other criteria to consider in choosing the color of your swimsuit

To choose the color of your swimsuit, you can rely on other criteria such as your eyes color or the color of your hair. If you have blue eyes and fair skin, choose a turquoise or blue swimsuit that will bring out the color of your eyes. Women with very white skin and dark hair may be tempted by a chocolate color swimsuit, while if you have a dark complexion and green eyes, one green apple model would be perfect. The color of your swimsuit will also depend on your body type. Curvy women prefer a black or dark color that refines the silhouette. Similarly, they will lean more easily to a one-piece swimsuit that hides the curves. The shape of the swimsuit is also important in the choice of the color. This choice is in fact more important to a two-piece swimsuit model than a one piece swimsuit because the first reveals more skin. Similarly, for a swimsuit bought for the beach, you can afford colors and fancy patterns while when buying a pool swimsuit that will generally be sober. In all cases, regardless of your skin color, the color of your eyes, your hair, your body and swimsuit model chosen, it is important to try your swimsuit before buying. This is the best way to know if the chosen color suits you and puts your complexion in value.



Victoria secret - maillot de bain 2016maillot couleur pastel est parfait pour les brunettes- Victoria secret 2016

© Archives Raschad Arabi


Swimwear For summer 2016

We have selected for you the trends for summer 2016 in terms of models, colors and materials.


Sensuality marks the trend

Before we consider the swimwear models that will mark the trend of summer 2016, note that the word that guides this trend is undoubtedly sensuality. For summer 2016, you will notice particularly female models such as plunging necklines, push-up bathing suits and of course the Slashkini that continues to capture an increasingly important audience. Also, these swimsuits will be adorned with accessories such as belts, beads and other jewelry.



Dsquared2- été 2016
























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The one-piece swimsuit is back


If you thought sensuality and one-piece swimsuit were contradictory, you may be surprised to learn that the one piece swimsuit is back among the trendy swimwear for summer 2016, and is expected to decline in ever more varied forms and materials. Thus, necklines will be scalloped, and you will see more and more feminine accessories complement these swimsuits, as part of the current trend.


The simplicity of colors and materials


Despite the enhanced sensuality that is noticed among the swimwear trends for summer 2016, be aware that the colors and materials, are more natural and basic than what we have seen in recent seasons:


  • On the colors side, the trend turns to blue, gray, dark green, suggesting a return to nature.
  • If you turn to printed swimsuits, the latter mainly appear in geometric patterns.
  • As for the materials, they are stretchy and comfortable, as evidenced by the presence of swimsuits in cotton, lycra and other natural fibers.

You’ll understand this trend is for modern women looking for both elegance and comfort.




Hermes. beach mats «After surfing» Printed 100% cotton terry 90x150cm aqua color. © Hermès.





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