Mexico Mythical country of Latin America

Prestige issue 276-277, July-August 2016

Rich with monumental historical sites, beautiful beaches and stunning cities, Mexico instantly evokes the prehispanic cultures, adventure, exoticism, joyful and colorful festivals of mariachi. Just like its capital Mexico City, this country of Latin America is both fascinating and noisy. Tourists can discover and admire the knowledge of the Maya, the aesthetics of the Olmecs, the sporty spirit of Toltecs or the military organization of the Aztecs. Prestige takes you on a cruise on the Pacific coast from the Long Beach City, California, to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, cosmopolitan cities of Mexico.



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Surrealism and magic of Mexico

Country of highlands enclosed between two mountain ranges, Oriental and Western Sierra Madre, Mexico is one of the most valued touristic destinations in Latin America. Apart from Mexicans who choose to spend their holidays, foreigners come from around the world to make a relaxing stay and discoveries. The exotic and picturesque beaches that stretch along the coast attract visitors. And that’s not all. The tourists are dazzled by a wide variety of craft collections on display at the Museo de Arte Popular MAP like fantastic animals made of paper mache or wooden masks, costumes, embroidered clothing … They can also make purchases in bazaars, exclusive shops and malls where there are a wide variety of products, and savor Mexican cuisine consisting of a multitude of very rich regional cuisines in subtle, refined ingredients.



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Besides the boat getaways, tourists enjoy in Sierra Madre fabulous walks on horseback or on foot …


Cabo San Lucas,

«The Fort Lauderdale of Mexico»

Cabo San Lucas is a city located south of the peninsula of Baja California, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Cabo is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, its diving sites, seaside resorts and abundant marine wildlife. At the edge of the Sea of Cortez, the tourist can relax on the white and warm sand. He can also enjoy various leisure activities such as fishing, golf, water sports … The beach in Cabo is also renowned in the world of surfing for its very powerful shore break, popular for bodyboarders and skimboarders. This fabulous place has the largest marlin tournament in the world. In winter, tourists observe whales coming from Alaska and Siberia, which carry their young in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. At night, Cabo San Lucas attracts a lot of visitors who come to have fun by attending several varied night animations.



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Los Cabos Corridor

Also called the «Golden Corridor», the hall is where most tourists congregate and where new residents settle in retirement. Exclusive hotels, residential complexes and upscale resorts such as the One & One Palimilla, Esperanza and Las Ventanas attract a large clientele of the rich and famous. Most of the properties located in Los Cabos Corridor have become havens for Hollywood stars. Located in the Chileno Bay, Chileno Beach is one of the busiest beaches in the Corridor. Nearby coral reefs attract divers to see beautiful tropical fish in the region.













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Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

are extraordinary:

Fabulous beaches, luxury hotels,

excellent restaurants and nightlife … attract thousands of tourists.



At the port of Puerto Vallarta. © Archives Abdelhafiz and Laila Ajam.


Puerto Vallarta,

Mystical city of Mexico

Praised by celebrities and tourists who flock here to enjoy a vibrant nightlife and a picturesque and tranquil setting between the mountains and the sea, Puerto Vallarta, a traditional village, is the tourist destination in Mexico. In Puerto Vallarta, the traveler has everything to spend an amazing holiday: sun, beaches, hotels and the warm welcome. Perched between the ocean and the jungle, Puerto Vallarta has a coastline with peaceful caves scattered and spectacular islands. While filming his famous film The Night of the Iguana, Richard Burton fell in love with the area and bought a hacienda of 1400m for Valentine to his wife Susan in Puerto Vallarta. Later, this hacienda housed his love affair with Elizabeth Taylor. They always went to Puerto Vallarta by helicopter because of the difficulty of the journey.




At the hacienda that housed the love of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. © Archives Abdelhafiz and Laila Ajam.

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