Prestige Watches Guide, July-August 2016

«My job is to create»

For Baume & Mercier time is emotion, and Happiness belongs to those who know how to celebrate it. Prestige met in Geneva Sara Sandmeier, Senior Designer at Baume & Mercier who will present the new watch mini Promesse.



A mini size for a feminine and timeless look: 22 mm in diameter. A perfect balance of proportions: the oval and round entwined, between the case set with diamonds and bezel, give the watch its subtle harmony. Contemporary lines inherited from the formal elegance and freedom of the 70s. © Baume & Mercier



Why the mini Promesse? We wanted something dynamic, young, happy, to complement the  family Promesse. Also the trend is for smaller watches revealed among other brands. These small models combine lightness and beauty, they are beautiful watches with forms. They are set in an interesting way enhancing the oval, with larger diamonds in the middle that become smaller. It’s very subtle because we have a design, shapes and curves, we deliberately left the  dial sober, to keep a minimalist look, we worked on a pearl dial with two indexes, one at noon and one at 6 hours with a diamond and beautiful proportions. It is with an adjuster that is at the back of the watch that we can set the time, so we did not provide a crown, it would be useless. What energizes all are the colors, we have a warm color, orange, cold color, blue, complementary colors to enhance each other from calf leather cut franc to keep it contemporary. The dial being classic, we wanted to give it some peps with the bracelet, a fashionable side. Each package contains a simple black strap, which takes away the fun side and gives it a dressed calmer side.

Models at your booth during SIHH wore exceptional watches. Where did the idea of the exceptional come from? The exceptional is an exercise of style around Promesse, to show how far we can go. We have created unique pieces.


IMG_0567crop copy

Sara Sandmeier, Senior Designer at Baume & Mercier, Maria Nadim, Editor in chief of the Watches Guide.


It’ll be something recurring? We know nothing at all because they are unique pieces offered for sale.

The motto of Baume & Mercier is «moments of happiness», how can we reflect these moments in a design? My job is to create something that is in the right proportions, with the right choice of materials and an appropriate choice of colors. When designing something,I imagine a woman, a man, a universe. I transfer this vision I have in mind in the watch, with my sensitivity, my knowledge, my experience, my desire to live. For various reasons this watch attracts a person who gives it life.Interview conducted in Geneva by MARIA NADIM


Baume et Mercier Petite Promesse feminity life style selfie

They are independent but enjoy to live as a band. © Baume & Mercier

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