Happiness and Splendor at the wedding of Sharon Tamer and Nehmé El-Khawly

BLI 11003
The young couple Nehmé and Sharon radiating with happiness. © Archives Tamer Khawli



A real fairytale wedding of consul Nehmé, son of Elias and Yousra El-Khawly and radiant Sharon, daughter of Jean and Dr. Joumana Tamer … Celebrated in the Greek Catholic Archbishop of Beirut wonderfully decorated for the occasion, the religious ceremony was attended by personalities from the diplomatic, political, ecclesiastical worlds and a host of friends and relatives who came especially from all corners of the planet … the nuptial blessing was followed by a great dinner at the Legend in the historic valley of Nahr el Kalb, placed under the sign of joy and happiness. A warm and friendly atmosphere marked the wedding party.




The bride Sharon was all radiant in her wedding gown. ©Archives Tamer Khawli.




The bride Sharon surrounded by Dr Joumana and Jean Tamer, Elias and Yousra El Khawli. © Archives Tamer Khawli.




The groom with his family. © Archives Tamer Khawli




BLI 05190
The Greek Catholic Archbishop wonderfully decorated for the occasion. © Archives Tamer Khawli




John, Simone and Jean Tamer. © Archives Tamer Khawli.




BLI 11243
Majestic entry of the wed couple to the Legend. © Archives Tamer Khawli




BLI 04071
The witness and friends drinking a toast to the happiness of the groom. © Archives Tamer Khawli




BLI 14686
© Archives Tamer Khawli





Paula Yacoubian, Micheline Abou Samra, Rolla Ghostine and Hania Husami. © Archives Tamer Khawli.




BLI 08561
The groom Nehmé carried by his friends. © Archives Tamer Khawli

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