New Line of Skincare by Shiseido


© Shiseido


Bio-Performance Shiseido is a new line of three items: LiftDynamic cream, LiftDynamic serum and Eye treatment.


Shiseido combines bio-technology expertise with advanced and new skincare technologies, inspired by the growing trends of regeneration treatments and cosmetic procedures. BIO-PERFORMANCE targets the three main areas of anti-aging concerns:

• Changes in facial contours (wrinkles and sagging)

• Changes in skin tone (uneven skin color, dark spots, pigmentation, redness and visible pores)

• Changes in skin texture (roughness, fine lines, dryness)


Each product in the BIO-PERFORMANCE line has a targeted solution for skin aging concerns and is reinforced with a global focus on skin cell regeneration, to enhance the overall effect of skin repair.

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