Georges Hobeika Bridal Autumn-Winter 2017/2018


© Georges Hobeika



GEORGES HOBEIKA manifests his admiration of and respect for the wedding gown by dedicating this collection to the bridal gown, itself. In this new collection, the supernatural essence of the bridal fashion statement – which combines both the nuances of tradition and the faith in the future – is expressed with all the panache of GEORGES HOBEIKA’s authentic couture atelier.

This season’s wedding gowns are an anthology of creative proposals, modern silhouettes, poetic transparencies and bold patterns. Because nothing is more treasured than the bright smile of a blushing bride, this collection focuses on capturing the epitome of her grace through the most precious materials, the most delicate shades, the most aerial lace and the most intricate embroidery.




© Georges Hobeika

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