Gala dinner in the honor of Raya Tueny and Adib Dada

Prestige issue 280, November 2016



The newly- wed couple Raya and Adib smiling to life. © Archives Famille Tueny



Marriages succeed and don’t resemble each other. Whether in the company of parents and friends, celebration is always a source of joy and happiness for the loving couple and their families. Raya Michel Tueny and Adib Nabil Dada sealed their destinies in Italy and celebrated with their friends. On their return to Beirut, Salwa and Michel Tueny gave a dinner in their honor at Music Hall, that gathered friends who came to share the happiness of the charming couple Raya and Adib. A jubilant atmosphere marked this beautiful evening that was prolonged until a late night hour.



Raya with her sister Myra and her parents Salwa and Michel Tueny. © Archives Famille Tueny.
The newly- wed couple with their families. © Archives Famille Tueny











Dawlat and Fouad Fawaz, Marlène Harb. © Archives Famille Tueny
Rola and Jamal Itani. © Archives Famille Tueny












An excited atmosphere at Music Hall. © Archives Famille Tueny

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