It’s Party time with Nada Salamé

Prestige issue 280, November 2016




Nada Salamé in a fairytale decoration.




Nada Salamé likes to do things alla grande…Her lunches are always unique and distinguished by an amazing decoration. It is at Parilla restaurant entirely transformed for the occasion, that she prepared a super invitation for her friends. Each area of the restaurant was adorned by a sublime décor, a marvelous floral arrangement, mixing orchids and hydrangea, a fabulous setting in harmony with the table, beautifully colored tableware from glasses to plates…The guests awaited to be surprised by their host, but not to that extent. And this is not everything. A gigantic cake made all the friends that celebrated their birthday during this month very happy…




Nada Salamé, Hala Najem, Elham Wazni and Rola Najem.
Marcelle Nadim, Nada Salamé, Amale Bustros, Danièle de Picciotto and Gladys Chidiac.












Lina Chaker, Loubna Mansour, Suheir Succar and Reem Latif.
A big cake for the guests who celebrated their anniversary during the month.












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