Diplomacy at honor during the dinner of Fayez and Jamale Jabado


Jamale Jabado, Laura and HE Hugo Shorter, Fayez Jabado,  Nada, Mahmoud and Shirine Jabado.



The charming couple Fayez and Jamale Jabado, always love to honor the new ambassadors appointed in the country of the Cedars. It is at their elegant residence in Jnah, that Fayez and Jamale Jabado perpetuated the tradition, and offered a royal dinner in the honor of the British ambassador in Lebanon Hugo Shorter and his wife Laura. Many personalities from the diplomatic, political and business world, as well as a wide array of friends were part of this friendly banquet shared in the happiness and legendary affability of Fayez and Jamale Jabado.




HE Hussein Darrar, HE Aftab Khokher ambassador of Pakistan, HE George Siam, Khalil Kikano, Fayez Jabado and HE Hugo Shorter.
Jamale Jabado, Wives of British, Polish and Pakistani ambassadors.












Fayez Jabado, HE Marta Inès Pizzanelli ambassador of Uruguay, archbishop Gabriele Caccia ambassador of the Vatican, HE Hussein Rammal, HE Aftab Khokher.
HE Hussein Darrar, Zeina Rammal, Faenza Torbey, Paula Yacoubian, Marcelle Nadim, Fatma and HE Nazih El Naggari ambassador of Egypt.













HE Massimo and Zina Marotti, Jamale Jabado, Leila Al Solh Hamadé, Fayez Jabado and May Chidiac.
Khattar Hadati, Fayez Jabado, Ahmad Tabbara and Emir Samir Abillama.

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