Our love story with Shoes

Prestige issue 280, Nov. 2016


Fashion by Raschad Arabi



This fall – winter will be rich and varied. Our feet will be particularly highlighted. We are all «shoes addict» and we assume! Essential fashion accessories, we love shoes! Summer and winter, we love them, collect and exhibit them. Boots, derbies, babies, moccasins and sneakers, this 2016-2017 season spoils us because we will have far too much to choose from. If we want to be fashionable this winter, we must opt for punk and sharp. This season, the velvet gets out of the boudoirs, patent leather emancipated, ballerinas adopt a second degree strange appearance, derbies thicken and waders will play long socks … A brief overview of the main current trends for fall-winter 2016-2017 shoes.




© Valentino



The Materials

For all tastes!

  • Leather obviously stays unavoidable. It is one of the key materials this season.
  • The deer has its special place both on the clothes and on the shoes.
  • Vinyl, small nod to the 70s, will be present in our wardrobe.



Originally called «swan’s down», the velvet so prized by the Italians of the XIVth century makes its comeback in 2017 to inspire creative people. And if it is usually in the Haute Couture collections that velvet feels most comfortable, in this season’s ready-to-wear fashion and especially in shoes that sweet stuff requests to be consumed. And no matter if velvet is not waterproof, beauty prevails here on pragmatism.







The models

A vast selection for fun and to associate to all our outfits.

  • Waders will be featured this fall – winter season. They look glamour and sexy and are spread out in leather, vinyl or suede.
  • The boots are a must have this season. The aware fashionistas mainly will adopt the punk-rock trendy tone. To be fashion, Chelsea boots make their strong comeback. They will delight us in all materials, all colors and all prints.
  • We will keep the timeless high boots, but the trend is however for the mid-calf boot that will be an intermediary between the boots and high boots.
  • The ankle boots with high or low heels will also be present and will be declined in several plain or printed materials. They may also be adorned with sequins or fur for fun. Singular platform models can be found. The flat derbies in perfect osmosis with the masculine / feminine style.To wear without moderation. Here too you will find a huge choice of models. We will not forget the very surprising derby «platforms».

Fringed shoes, like this summer will bring their fancy button.

  • The tap and hooves play extra and are adorned with fur or knit.
  • The babies IT-Shoes this season. We will love the flat or heeled, wise or eccentric.
  • Moccasins retro way. They come in colors, suede, leather, with straps, pendants or earrings.

We keep the classics such as sneakers, rubber rain boots for the fall, riding boots for the winter, not to mention the timeless pump shoes.




© Balmain



Patent leather

Bold and classic at the same time, patent leather this season invests each stratum of the shoes world. There’s No shoes family escaping the effect of this shimmering lacquer giving the look a sixties twist. What gives birth to very pleasurable models with hybrid looks … This is how  moccasin Trapper, Gucci detail and licorice lacquer are merged, while at Prada patent leather is mixed with other more matte, providing subtle contrasts of textures and styles. The sixties boots slightly revisited spotted at Miu Miu do not lack charm, as they appear easy to wear. Carbon patent leather shoes will be ideal to participate in a total black look playing on textures. More sophisticated they will be, the easier it will be fun to wear them with casual pieces. Licorice patent leather heeled boots will be perfect to annihilate the size of certain dresses or skirts.














Christophe Cane




Ballerinas revisited

The Prada trend to revisit the concept of ballerinas with ribbons continues this season to be imitated. Forgotten the wise models: the mood is to the grunge touch, the conceptual bias and urban rock touch. This is how Miu Miu offered a fall variation on her best-selling 2016 summer item with gold brocade and straps. On her part, Isabel Marant imagines what could be  – with its character both sharp and easy to live- one of the most acclaimed pair of shoes by fashionistas this fall. The more the ballerinas model looks girly, the more we try to associate it to masculine looks, strict or sportswear. Please note that the ultra flat sole of that kind of ballerinas can easily pack the silhouette.




Hermes. Pump woman «Mondaine 90» printed silk «Ecuador Tattoo» black camber 9cm. Price: 1.063.000LL
Hermes. Square H 100 “Grrrr!” 70% cashmere 30% silk, brown, black currant, navy. Price: 1.156.000LL















Massive male shoes

If we believe the current fashion dictates, nothing could be more chic than to mix opposites, of uniting opposed to thwart the notion of «good taste». Therefore out of the question to combine the floral dresses, gauzy skirts and other long neo-romantic fashionable dresses to fine shoes, the idea is rather to divert female appearance by combining massive shoes. Ranging from thick soled brogue rubber (Etro) to the masculine / feminine style (Robert Clergerie) through the British moccasin (Rag & Bone), they only ask to be associated with attires contradicting their potential heaviness. Wearing this kind of shoes with socks revealing the ankle will nicely accentuate the contrast massive shoes / fine fasteners.




1- Hermes. Man boots “Norway” in veal natural color. Price: 1.845.000LL

2- Hermes. Man sport shoe “Net” in suede, grosgrain slate gray, natural, gray. Price: 1. 435.000LL.



Also note

Ballerinas are adorned with thick heels.

The boots will play the monochrome, from the heel to the tip.

Waders are more slinky than ever.

The beads descend from the elegant women necks to ornate their very chic shoes.

Loafers and boots fond of sharp ends.

Made of curly tweed, the pumps do not lack deliciously fancy stitching.














Eric Vergnes

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