The Fabulous Dinner of Sarkis and Racil Chalhoub

The hosts Sarkis and Racil Chalhoub




They created the event at Le Cocteau restaurant that was literally transformed in a magical Christmas setting, because Sarkis and Racil like to do things alla grande, they organized a unique gala dinner to their friends. The super refined menu was very tasty, the festive atmosphere captivated the guests, the music of a violinist charmed the audience. And all the invitees danced until the morning carried by the lively rhythms of a Tunisian singer who interpreted the most beautiful melodies of her repertory. An evening to remember.




Nabil and Mirna Irani, Racil Chalhoub, Walid and Rona Jalambo
Sarkis Chalhoub with Paula Yacoubian, Maha and Rabih Ammache











Racil Chalhoub, Inayat Hamour and Guitta Andraos
Lina Khatoum, Racil Chalhoub, Nada Salamé. Sitting Mona Farra, Salma Smadi and Rabab Rabbat












Rana and Dr Mou’nès Kalaoui, Nizar Assaad, Racil Chalhoub.
Randa Bdeir, Souheir Assaad, Loubna Mansour and Ghida Rabbat











The Hostess leads the dance
The hosts Sarkis and Racil Chalhoub at the table of May Raad, Guitta Andraos, Sahar Dernaika
Dana & Dany

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