The Endless Love

George Khabbaz made an appearance to boost the celebration.




Suzan Dargham




What triggered the idea of the movie and why? The 14th of February became synonym of love and romance, couples around the world celebrate the occasion with these values in mind. However with time, this occasion lost its true meaning, it became extremely commercial and opportunistic.

While love is expressed in different forms and  behaviors, the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) wanted to reward the true love, the one that is expressed through sacrifices, devotion and unconditional companionship. The one that is found within the rooms of a hospital.

How did you choose the casting and decide for the setting and of the movie? We wanted a genuine story, and our aim was to deliver that story through the eyes of the protagonists.

The selection took place secretly in the hospital, we were looking for couples, then we narrowed it down to the ones who spent countless hours in the rooms of AUBMC. As the list of potential couples was getting shorter, we started identifying the couple with a story that touches the hearts on a Valentine night. The story of baby Peo-Charbel, and his struggling parents was the perfect fit for the planned evening. We wanted to offer them a break from the hospital’s life, the room, food, and mood. So we created within AUBMC vicinity an unexpected romantic space and we surprised them with the set-up, but mostly with the countless celebrities that were generous to make appearance and boost the celebration forward.

What is your aim through this movie? The main objective was to bring back the true meaning of love and dedication, to celebrate unconditional love where it deserves to be celebrated and to break the perception of hospital as being cold and clinical to a warm, friendly and innovative environment. The video was published on social media, and this message reached hundred of thousands of people who reacted positively and shared it with their friends and beloved ones.





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