Brilliant dinner at «Ciel» for the Maronite welfare association St Maron Gemayzé

Cheikh Wadih el Khazen, Mgr Boulos Matar, Roland Ghostine and RF Richard Abi Saleh



The Maronite welfare association, St Maron parish Gemmayzé, chaired by engineer Roland Ghostine, offered its annual dinner at panoramic restaurant «Le Ciel» of Habtoor Grand Hotel. Personalities from the political and social world attended this brilliant night animated by musicians and a singer. Speeches were pronounced by the archbishop of Beirut Mgr Boulos Matar and the president of the central maronite council cheikh Wadih el Khazen, RF Richard Abi Saleh and the president of the association Roland Ghostine.




Waddah and Tatiana el Chaer
Cheikh Wadih el Khazen, Mgr Boulos Matar, minister Michel Pharaon, Joseph Reaidy, standing Roland Ghostine.












Carole and Rodolphe Matar
Rania and Gaby Chiniara











Pierre and Yara Salamé
Elie and Najah Abou Sleimane

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