Feminine dinner of Effat Mukhi

Salma Itani, Dr Célina Rahal, Ghanima al Eissa, Nada Bassous and Effat Mukhi




Friendly and cosmopolitan, the dinner offered by the gracious hostess Effat Mukhi at her elegant residence in Beirut in honor of her Saudi and Kuwaiti friends to encourage them to visit Lebanon. In a warm and agreeable atmosphere, the guests shared moments of pure happiness savoring a delicious menu, and listening to immortal songs of Feyrouz and Oum Koulsoum, interpreted by the guest with golden voice, Bouchra Itani.




Dima al Somyt, Ghanima al Eissa, Ekram Meshaykh, Marwa Hakim, Effat Mukhi, Reem Nasreddine and Maryam Meshaykh
Dima al Somyt, Ghanima al Eissa and Effat Mukhi











Effat Mukhi with Mona Farès, Faenza Torbey, Nisrine Beydoun, Amira Em Saoud and Imane Kheir
Amal Hani, Zeina Dana, Effat Mukhi and Imane Kheir











Amal Hani and Nisrine Beydoun
Salma Itani, Dr Célina Rahal and Effat Mukhi

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