Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture SS 2017

© Jean Paul Gaultier



1- Fleurs du ciel: Light gown dress of flowered guipure, with keels and majestic sleeves of jacquard lamé broché blue and silver.

2-Bye bye blues: Mirage of jeans jacket in real designs of faded ribbons, on a black crepe skirt.

3- Le chevalier d’ Eole: Sculpture of Irish guipure scattered with real silver leaves, anamorphic shoulders of accordion ribbon. Blue summer leather trousers.




© Jean Paul Gaultier



1- L’éclipse: Dark black muslin, sun carved with embroidered sequins and ribbons.

2-Elle a du blé: Bouquet of golden ears embroidered, wrapped in a corset of sunny leather.

3-Dure à cuire: Black leather Evening dress with chiseled tattoos.

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