One Million and Lady Million Monopoly by Paco Rabanne

One million and Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. © Paco Rabanne



An unprecedented encounter between the world’s most captivating game and perfumery’s most iconic couple

1 Million and Lady Million Monopoly by Paco Rabanne are back in the game with a collector’s edition. A fantasy wrapped up in gold, dice and diamonds. Their new playground? Monopoly, the international king of board games. Fortune favours the brave so the famous gold bar and the insolent diamond are back in this collector’s edition. The coveted object? An all-gold engraved metal box to showcase the throwing of the dice. For our gentleman Player, the bar chances the simplicity and strength of the gold, this time banking on the dice of success. Meanwhile our golden girl causes a sensation with the chiselled contours and encrusted diamonds of her gold facet. 1 Million Eau de Toilette:Spicy leather with an insolent charm both smooth and fresh. An inimitable «amber-blond leather» signature. 1 Million Private: Apple-cinnamon, myrrh, tonka bean and vibrant wood. An addictive and insolently powerful Oriental bordering on the forbidden. Lady Million Eau de Parfum: A fresh and sensual white flower nectar. A honey-patchouli signature in a brush with addiction. Lady million Private: Vanilla-flower, cocoa bean, honey and patchouli. An addictive and indulgent Oriental venturing into hypnotic scent territory.



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