Prada Velluto. © Prada



Prada presents a unique package that combines some of Prada iconic styles and new developments with variations and details specially designed to meet the Middle East preferences.

The special package is inspired by precious stones, in particular Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. The collection is composed by sophisticated materials, such as Velvet, Leather, and Precious skins.

The inner part of the bags are studied carefully, with precise and unique details, such as mirrors, leather lining, and pockets. Finally all the bags have been conceived to be functional, with detachable straps, perfect sizes, and smart details, that allow the bags to be worn not only in the evening combined to Total Looks, but also during the day.



Prada Saffiano + Cocco. © Prada


A collection of detachable jewel chains allow some of the bags beauty to be enhanced and can be worn under the shoulder bag, or simply as an ornament of the bag.



Prada Struzzo + Cocco. © Prada



In line with the same spirit, the shoes – sandals and slippers, present luxurious material adorned by jewels like accessories and buckles or shimmery bows.



Prada Jewels Velluto. © Prada




Prada Glitter Velluto. © Prada

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