Lunch in honor of the Cypriot president in Baabda

The presidents raising the toasts.


The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades, is visiting Lebanon for four days. He met on Monday at the Baabda Palace with the President of the Republic general Michel Aoun, accompanied by a delegation of several Cypriot ministers as well as Christina Rafti, the Cyprus ambassador to Lebanon. At the end of the meeting, a lunch was organized at the Baabda Palace in honor of the Cypriot President in the presence of several ambassadors and senior officials.



Mrs Mireille Aoun Hachem sitting between the italian ambassador and ambassador Charbel Wehbe with members of the Cypriot delegation.



Rafic Chelala with the spanish, french and dutch chargés d’affaires.



Minister Maurice Sehnaoui at the table of Cypriot ambassador to Lebanon, the Lebanese ambassador to Cyprus Youssef Sadaka with Dr Antoine Choucair.



The lebanese and Cypriot first ladies heading to the lunch.



At the presidential table, the guests raising their toasts.



Joseph Habis the Dean of Consuls in Lebanon with ambassadors of Germany, Belgium, and the Chief of protocol at the ministry of Foreign Affairs Mira Daher Violides.



Mrs Claudine Aoun Roukoz and General Chamel Roukoz, with the British Ambassador to Lebanon.



Ambassador of Greece, Consul of Cyprus Roger Samaha, the ambassador of the European Union and the British ambassador.

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