Chanel Fall-Winter 2017/18 Haute Couture Collection

© Chanel



It is in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world, that the Eiffel Tower made an appearance beneath the dome of the Grand Palais, for Chanel Haute Couture fashion show. Karl Lagerfeld pays tribute to Paris in a décor that’s like a beautiful autumn day: «It’s a vision of a revived Parisian woman, it is all about cut, shapes, silhouettes. Here the line is very delineated and graphic, it’s very modern» explains Karl Lagerfeld. His parisiennes step out in hats, wearing booties or thigh boots buttoned up to infinity.

This season the tweed jacket comes as a long tunic, or is cropped and double breasted; its sleeves are cambered or dressed with never-ending fingerless gloves, and bouquets of feathers flourish here and there, «in this collection, there are feathers treated like fur,» reveals the designer.

For evening, rust-colored charmeuse, midnight blue chiffon, black silk tulle and double-faced satin… Embroidery sparkles like the Eiffel Tower on a winter’s night; colorful motifs with geometric lines adorn peplum bustiers, long straight dresses, and others puffed up with pleated tulle petticoats or embellished with feathers.



© Chanel



Celebrities attending the Chanel Fashion show on the foot of Eiffel Tower at Grand Palais.


Calu Rivero. © Chanel
Caroline de Maigret. © Chanel
Gwei Lun Mei. © Chanel











Julianne Moore. © Chanel
Lily Collins. © Chanel
Pharrell Williams. © Chanel











Majestic dress in white double-faced satin, swathed in garlands of feathers resembling bouquets of camellias for the bride of Chanel.


© Chanel

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