The First lady visited the NGO «Bonheur du Ciel»



On the occasion of World Drug Day, First Lady Nadia Chami Aoun visited the NGO «Bonheur du Ciel» at the Village of Man created by Father Majdi el-Allaoui at Nahr Ibrahim.

Having reserved a warm welcome to the first lady, Fr. Majdi explained the circumstances that led to the creation of «Bonheur du Ciel», which deals with the treatment of young drug addicts, the difficulties that this NGO encounters, the misery and the painful world of drug addicts.

The first lady walked through the village of Man to learn about the tasks performed by the NGO’s leaders, especially with regard to drug awareness and the rehabilitation of drug addicts. And the First lady to declare: «The protection of society from the harm that drugs represent, requires the solidarity and the work of all, starting with family, schools, associations and the State, prevention remains the Base, through the consolidation of moral values ​​in the consciousness of young people and awareness of the dangers of this deadly poison, which not only annihilates the drug addict but the whole society.»

















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