Decisions of the Council of Ministers of August 17-2017

Meeting of the Council of ministers at Baabda palace yesterday.




During the meeting of the Council of Ministers at the palace of Baabda yesterday, president general Michel Aoun praised the achievements of the army in his fight against Daech.

He also showed interest in the social and economic aspects, through the amendment of certain taxes of the new wage scale, urging the ministries of economy and education to do their monitoring work respectively, concerning prices of Food and other consumer products and the increase of tuition fees.

The president also spoke about his tour of hydraulic dams in Mount Lebanon and in the north, to monitor the progress of the works. These dams, which are essential for the irrigation of agricultural lands, are used to limit the squandering of water and could also be used to produce electricity under the sustainable development plan. The installation of dams in the various Lebanese regions aims to ensure balanced growth across the country.

On another level, the president required from each minister to present a work plan for his department, requiring  from the ministry of Public Works to monitor road conditions before winter arrives.

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