Presidential activities of the Weekend of August 18

The president receiving a delegation from the International Basket Ball federation.



The President received the delegation of the International Basketball Federation, who came to thank him for the sports event of the past week, Lebanon having hosted and organized the Asian Basketball Championship. The president has not hesitated to reveal his interest in this championship, through his presence personally at the official opening of the championship.

The president said: «The Asian Basketball Championship reflects international confidence in the presence and role of Lebanon.»  And the president of the International Federation Horacio Muratore said: «The opening of a regional office of the federation in Beirut proves the importance that the federation gives to the role of Lebanon in Basket Ball.»




The President of the Republic attended with the commander-in-chief of the army General Joseph Aoun, at the start of the operation called «the dawn of the jurds», which began on Saturday.

During his presence in the central operations room at the command of the army, the president came in direct contact with the leader of the military forces and the soldiers, wishing them success in their liberation work: «May God protect you, All Lebanese have their eyes on you and are waiting for victory.»



The president visiting wounded soldiers.




The President of the Republic visited the soldiers wounded in Operation «The Dawn of Jurds», wishing them a speedy recovery, hailing their patriotism and sacrifices in order to liberate the Lebanese borders from the terrorists of Daech. And the president declared: «I was not surprised by your morale, when I heard you wishing the recovery to return to the front, this is our army, this is the spirit of our heroes.»

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