Healing Lebanon by Zena el Khalil

Zena el Khalil standing beside one of her paintings.



Beit Beirut, originally built by Youssef Aftimos in 1924, relic of our war, is hosting during 40 days the multidisciplinary exhibition by Zena el Khalil «Sacred Catastrophe Healing Lebanon», under the patronage of the Municipality of Beirut and the Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut.

Since early on in her career, Zena is deeply engaged with the memory of the Lebanese war, she proposed artistic interventions as a possible way to heal these wounds. Her present project, Sacred Catastrophe: Healing Lebanon, which joins visual works and performance, was created to revive a neglected, ruined, space, in an effort to transform Beirut into a city of light and peace. It reflects the recent and significant evolution in El Khalil’s approach.

«Sacred Catastrophe: Healing Lebanon», Zena el Khalil’s exhibition and multi-disciplinary intervention, will be open to the public at Beit Beirut for 40 days straight, including Sundays, starting the 18th of September at 6 PM.











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