TAG Heuer presents the Heuer Globetrotter exhibition

Heuer Dubai Yachting. © Tag Heuer



From the 15th to 30th September 2017, 400 Heuer watches will be simultaneously exhibited in ten cities around the world: Paris, Geneva, Munich, Venice, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, Miami. A unique concept to showcase TAG Heuer’s rich heritage spanning over 150 years, involving collectors, through exhibiting their own legendary watches, each in his own country. Each exhibition showcasing a central piece related to a specific sport, whether Motor Sports or water sports like surfing or sailing or multi sports watches.

 Dubai – Exhibition under the theme of sailing and diving

Water, surfing, sailing, sport and sportsmanship… TAG Heuer has always had close links to the sea. The brand patented the invention of one of the first water-resistant cases for a pocket watch in 1895, then created the world’s first chronograph with a dial for regattas and a tide level indicator. The centrepiece of the Dubai exhibition is the Seafarer orMaréograph from 1950, the world’s first chronograph with tide indicators.

TAG Heuer FR Dubai Mall, Gold Souk Atrium, Level G, 0 Dubai

About this project, Yousuf Gargash, a Heuer Collector from Dubai, stated: «I discovered Heuer rather recently and I felt immediately passionate about the brand. Diving in the history of such a rich brand is very inspiring for my daily way of life to always re-invent yourself like Heuer was able to do.»


Heuer Solunar 1950. © Tag Heuer



Heuer Mareographe teaser. © Tag Heuer



Heuer Chronosport. © Tag Heuer
Heuer Edouard Heuer Blossom Trademark. © Tag Heuer

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