Art Auction

Art Auction

Paintings, drawings, sculptures

Modern and contemporary painters from Lebanon and the Middle East

Thursday Oct. 12, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Beyt Amir, 28 Amérique Street

Clémenceau, Beirut

«Art is our oxygen, it keeps us awake, without it we are nothing. It’s the crossroad of all disciplines, all sciences. Like a sun, it shines on the past, the present and the future. It preserves our humanity…»

Paul Guiragossian by Joseph Tarrab


Hereafter some of the artworks on sale.


Etel Adnan Lebanese (1925-) Ink Pots, 2004 Watercolor on paper Signed and dated 30 x 300 cm



Hussein Madi Lebanese (1938- ) Figures, 1993 Watercolor Signed and date at the bottom right 24x 35 cm



Paul Guiragossian Lebanese (1926-1993) Untitled 1970 Oil on canvas Signed at the bottom left 65×85 cm



Ali Chams Lebanese (1943-) Still life with oranges 1989 Gouache Signed and dated at the bottom right 55 x 75 cm



Alfred Basbous Lebanese (1924-2006) Marble sculpture with pink veneer, 1995 Signed and dated A certificate by Mr Fady Basbous will be remitted to the buyer 20 x 20 x 10cm



Jumana El Husseini Palestinian (1932-) Jerusalem 1971 Oil on canvas Signed and dated at the bottom left 64 x 76 cm



Fatima el Hajj Lebanese (1953-) Untitled, 1993 Oil on canvas Signed and dated at the bottom right 123 x 113 cm

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