Nada Salamé

Prestige issue 287-288, Dec. 2017- Jan. 2018


Tableware is her passion expressed through her original and unique pieces. Her numerous books are known internationally and her boutique, Limited Edition, is the first of its kind in Lebanon and in the Middle East. Her best? The designs of One thousand and one night, which she conceives and realizes for big evenings. Never uniform, never repeated, always innovative. Nada Salamé tells Prestige about her exceptional and unlimited Art of Living.



Nada Salamé. © Archives Nada Salamé

                                         «I create my items with passion»


You are an artist and writer of many books known internationally celebrating the art of the table. How and why did you choose precisely this section? The art of the table has always been my passion. I put a table like a painter realizes a painting. For me a table is an open window for dreams and imaginary.

You have also opened a boutique of Art of Living, Limited Edition. Can you tell us about this concept? Limited Edition is the first boutique of the Middle East that is a concept store around the table. I have created 48 models of platters, many glasses and several models of cutlery as well as linen for table. They are a mix of oriental and occidental patterns. I have created my models with passion.

You make things alla grande when you design for grandiose evenings. Amazing settings drawn from One thousand and one night tale, mixture of contrasting colors that make your signature… I love to amaze people and leave my marks in their memory long after the end of the evening. Forbidden: uniformity and repetition. I think that my strong asset is renewal every instant!

You have a big choice of beautiful and unique gifts for all budgets. What inspires you? Limited Edition displays a big choice of unique gifts and especially different, for all budgets and all ages. Every month we renew our selection and we don’t find the same article twice.

For which pieces your heart beats? I am the unique «buyer», so I buy and produce only what I like, if I don’t like an item I don’t display it in the boutique.

Which category of people buy your designs? My creations are designed to the young fashionable couples as well as classical persons. I cater for all tastes.

What are your other projects? My 10th book Unlimited, that will be signed in Beirut, in may 2018, where it all began.

In your opinion what is the secret of success? Passion

Happiness for you is, it’s…Once at the summit, being able to continue to climb.



© Archives Nada Salamé
Roy G. Harb

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