To be a mother for the first time

Delphine Gebran Markarian


In my childhood, I was that little girl who used to play with a doll: today I am a real mother. Thanks to you Gian.

To be a mother, it’s big love before the encounter, a love that grows stronger during 9 months. A woman spends months of cohabitation dreaming, imagining, feeling his movements. And when he comes to life, it’s love at first sight, the true, the one existing in fairy tales.



To be a mother, is the discovery of an enchanted world, a trip in the unknown. Even if some people describe it as an apocalypse, telling us about long days orchestrated by screams without sleeping at night, hundreds of diapers to change, thousands of bottles to wash. We have the impression to be transformed into a war machine. But to be a mother is not exactly this. It is the story of a superheroine who draws her energy from a simple smile.

A super-heroine with the power to read in their eyes what their words don’t say. To measure their first tooth with her fingers, to wake up at night before they even let out their first scream. To come back from work tired and find the strength to play.To heal their wound with a simple kiss.




At the office I am an architect; it’s my profession. At home I am multitasking for my baby: Educator to see him succeed, animator to make him laugh. Nurse to watch for him at night. Big starred chef to cook his preferred dishes.Well focused security agent. Photographer to immortalize moments spent together.

Every day we are embarked on a Russian mountain changing the mood from a zen mother to nervous mother, playful mother to tired mother. But behind all these facets hides a fearing mother: I would love to be the one you admire, that you look at with pride. The fear of deceiving you, the fear you forget me when I’m at work, the fear you don’t forgive me when I nag you, the fear of not being able to transfer all the beautiful moments of childhood. Fear of what’s going on in the world, now that I have to take care of your life, and mostly the fear to see you grow up very quickly. Time flies quicker than the wind.



I gave you life, you gave me wings.

Happy mother’s day to all mothers and mostly mine. Thank you for making me the mother I am today.

To all future mothers, you will taste the true meaning of life. Bon appétit!


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