212 VIP line by Carolina Herrera

The 212 VIP universe has expanded with a new launch of 212 VIP Black, a masculine fragrance full of sensuality that’s born from the revolutionary spirit of the House and is the life of the most exclusive party. The private one out of public sight—the one no one wants to miss. The party is the main event inside the 212 VIP universe, with the most freedom that the night offers.


212 VIP Black by Carolina Herrera. © Carolina Herrera


Addictive, seductive and bold, 212 VIP Black fills the senses and lifts them to a wild night out, defying convention, full of surprises and heightened feelings—the ones that rush through you when an exclusive invite arrives or that glamour found in iconic New York. The feeling of a night where everything is possible!

This new fragrance takes a man by storm, a haze of sensuality and boldness where there are no limits to where his mood takes him. 212 VIP Black, thrilling like the night, reveals an elegant and adventurous character just like the men who wear it.


Composed with sexy touches of amber and wormwood, mixed with a twist of lavender is met by the warm notes of vanilla and leather. 212 VIP Black is an elixir of seduction, irresistible and reserved for the men who dare to wear it. The new generation of men who write their own histories, making their own rules and living the life their own way. An homage to the creative class of New York, the true VIPs of the city who never sleep.

The 212 VIP Universe

The 212 VIP universe is ever-evolving with the times. In following with the legendary nightclubs of New York, 212 VIP is an entre to the most exclusive party in the city where the coolest influences and young notables mill about in a most luxurious private venue. This newly reimagined 212 VIP universe is the most millenial of the three fragrances in the VIP group. The multifaceted Cameron Dallas is the face of the new fragrance 212 VIP Black, while the It-Girl Hailey Baldwin is the icon of 212 VIP and top model Taylor Hill personified in the sensuality of 212 VIP Rosé.


© Carolina Herrera


212 VIP Fragrances

Alongside the launch of the new 212 VIP Black, Carolina Herrera Fragrances is also relaunching its iconic scents, including 212 VIP Men, a masculine cocktail of delicious notes of lime, caviar and mint with a splash of black pepper and iced vodka, a powerful elixir that shines in the splendour of the night.

As part of the feminine universe is 212 VIP, an explosive and iconic fragrance bursting with optimism, independence and liberty found in intoxicating touches of rum and passion fruit. Golden and gorgeous, with a metallic sheen, it rounds feminine curves. 212 VIP is a powerful essence of the city its inspired by, New York, and the private, modern spaces found in skyscrapers.

To round out the collection, in 2014 came VIP Rosé, a fresh and seductive fragrance inspired by all of the glamour, elegance and leisure of the Big Apple. Composed of delicious touches of peach flower, layered with rosé champagne and presented in a glass jar, 212 VIP Rosé is the heart of the party of 212 VIP.

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