Messika presents the Diamond Whirl Collection

Valérie Messika transports us to the heart of an icy snowstorm, with new pieces inspired by the breathtaking home of the Snow Queen. The pear cut, traditionally a round and indulgent shape, takes on a new power and strength to pay homage to the heroine of this fairy tale, who summons up her courage and valiance to free her hands from the icy clutches of the hypnotic winter queen. Arranged using the stacking technique with gorgeous movements reflecting powerful gusts, the pear cut dons a coat of ice to give birth to works of art.


The Earrings


© Messika


Feisty and radiant pear-cut diamonds

Here, the designer has created a more minimalist version of the larger single earcuff to deliver a matching pair, adorning a woman’s facial features with two miniature spirals of starlight.


The Necklace


© Messika


An endless blizzard of delicate pear-cut stones.

In this icy world, ValérieMessika has created a whirling,blizzard-like composition of free-moving pear cut diamonds,perfectly positioned on a flexible diamond threadenhanced with the technical elasticity of the Skinnyrange. A heady spiral whirling around the neck, thesehypnotizing pear cuts ripple and captivate light to createa glittering tornado.


The Bracelet


© Messika


A gust of pear-cut diamonds.

This unchained collection of stacked pear-cut diamonds creates a flurry of light around a woman’s hand. Bestowing both flexibility and comfort, the Diamond Whirl bracelet reveals a whirlwind luster embodying the technical mastery of Messika.


The Ring


© Messika


A spiral of pear-cut diamonds.

The spiral of pear-cut diamonds is also available in a ring, for a captivatingly-chic result. The free-moving drop-bead diamonds beam with explosive intensity, adding an even greater level of allure to the Diamond Whirl set.

This collection was unveiled at BaselWorld 2018 as part of the Snow Queen collection.

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