Prestige issue 290, June 2018


A must for the Summer

Summer is approaching, the sunglasses considered as accessories, become a must, to protect the eyes of the sun rays. In the car, at the beach, during a picnic, don’t forget your sunglasses, to protect your eyes from any aggression either from the sun or the atmospheric pressure. We selected for you, some brands who have a collection of sunglasses for Spring-Summer 2018.


Cartier. The new Panthère models from Cartier are the expression of a pure style where the panther head, signature of the house is hand molded. The emblematic symbol crowns the light feminine rims with golden finish, platinum or ruthenium. © Cartier



Calvin Klein. Modern and avant-garde, the new Calvin Klein sunglasses for women, have a beautiful color palette: pink, peach…with mixed material epitomizing a contemporary style for the iconic brand. © Calvin Klein



Marni. These women sunglasses combine different materials and finishings, reflecting the refined aesthetic of Marni. The contrast between the rounded lenses and the frame with vivid angles create an original graphic and geometric impact. © Marni



Chloé. «Poppy» from Chloé: The bold octagonal lenses are enhanced by an elegant golden metallic thread, with a detail in turtle shell, providing a vintage spirit. «Carlina» from Chloé: the newly designed frame, with intertwined metallic threads, give the lenses a floating aspect. © Chloé



Roberto Cavalli. For Autumn-Winter 18-19, the brand offers bold designs. Large frames with serpentine patterns, distinctive colors and patterns that create the perfect touch to your wardrobe. © Roberto Cavalli



Stella McCartney. The new eyewear collection Icy Ice presents a playful aspect, with clear and translucent tones, colored lenses that remind us of the acid drops of our childhood. © Stella McCartney



Salvatore Ferragamo. Ultra-light and rimless, «Fiore» includes a nylon lens, which sandblasted effect around the floral design with six petals is obtained thanks to a very special laser technique. © Salvatore Ferragamo



Michael Kors. These sunglasses with contemporary style and bold design, add sophistication and personality to the acetate and metal of the rim.Vintage model with turtle shell and grey lenses. © Michael Kors



Guess. Rainbow tinted lenses complete eccentric rims, adding a glamour touch to the collection. © Guess

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