Why did Sundus Al Khalidy choose abstract art?

In her 8th exhibition «The Beauty of Nature» held at the archeological museum of Usek, the Iraqi painter, Sundus Al Khalidy, member of the association of Iraqi artists, IAA, invests large fields of expression to unveil profound feelings emanating from her interior. Confidences.


© Sundus Al Khalidy



How did you come to the world of painting? I was born and I grew in Bagdad, in Iraq. I was attracted by the beauty of nature, for which I felt admiration, but especially intense and profound sensations emanating from deep in my soul, that pushed me to express them. It was not such an easy thing to enter the prestigious faculty of plastic arts at the University of Bagdad, because these arts are not taught but cultivated through a real and serious talent. My studies lasted five years.


«Abstract painting is very representative of my thoughts». © Sundus Al Khalidy



Why did you choose abstract painting? Classical art reproduces nature or persons. I did not choose abstract art for abstraction. I worked enormously through three schools: expressionism, symbolism and abstract. The abstract is very representative of my thoughts, helps me to conduct my ideas to the visitors. It gives more surface and freedom of expression. Expressionism and symbolism helped me to facilitate the interpretation of the canvas. I permanently develop abstract art to be able to distinguish myself in this art. The visitor will be able to recognize easily my work. Since 1995, I presented exhibitions in Bagdad, Amman, Bahrein, Beirut and Europe. In 2006, I got married and established in Lebanon, and I am the happy mother of two children.


© Sundus Al Khalidy



What are your preferred exhibitions? I held several exhibitions, each different from the other, according to the theme and the country. In the Arab countries, the canvases were an expression of my country. In Europe, what is more, present in the work is the vision of the artist? However, my preferred exhibition is the 8th that I presented at Kaslik university. Why? Because this university is a specialized museum dedicated to the presentation of artistic icons. Its professors that count skilled engineers from different specializations, did not find difficulties to understand my works. I am also very lucky to be an artist coming from Iraq, a country with a millenary civilization and history. Interview conducted by Mireille Bouabjian



© Sundus Al Khalidy



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