Dany Atrache Secret Garden SS 2019

This season Dany Atrache walks us in his secret garden… A world of untold dreams, of a woman with enchanting beauty.


© Dany Atrache.


This free woman, almost savage, freed from all codes is determined to advance in her choices. She affirms a modern and poetic style at the same time by playing with noble materials such as organdy or silk enhanced with prints and flower embroidery in colours ranging from pastel to midnight blue with white, black and silver colour blocks.


© Dany Atrache.


The woman Dany Atrache Couture this season assumes other people gazing at her, she is multiple, colourful, as seductive as fragile, she is everything and it’s opposite at a time, according to the days. She is a woman who does not need any extraneous ornament to stand out, just a dress designed by her favourite fashion designer to cross this sweet season.


The bride by Dany Atrache © Dany Atrache.

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